Mahori birth ?

From their teenage friendship to Marseille, their love for travel and the great outdoors, when they finally found themselves with their children grown up, speaking of their common concerns related to body care, they found that produced for the body did not really satisfy them.

From this observation Brigitte and Fabienne wondered, which seduced all generations among different products.

The ethnic nature, beauty, care habits of Maori tribes, this sensuality out of time, triggered their desire to create MAHORI.

Theirs oils had to make dream, that these oils nourishing the body, bring in addition to their natural, refined and sensual fragrances, so they called on a famous perfumer of fat to invent scents that look like them.

Comforted by their investigation, they decide to launch their natural oils for the body, these oils symbol today and for millennia, of refinement and beauty care.

Aube d’Ahe, Jour d’Iloa, Nuit du Lagon, three oils each with a different look and a different perfume.

Care that ensures in all seasons and all circumstances, the secret and the sensuality of an embellished and silky skin

What's Mahori  ?

Mahori has developped a body natural cosmetic oil range eco approved
Chacune des 3 huiles Aube d’Haé, Jour d’Iloa, Nuit d’Atoll, incarnent  une identité singulière.
C’est une expérience qui se veut à la fois olfactive, visuel et douce.
L’alchimie entre la sensualité des fragrances et l’onctuosité du soin  satifera tout type de peau, homme et femme.

D’autres produits sont à l’étude, mais chut ... c’est un secret!